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This practical hands-on learn to ride class that will get you rolling in no time.  Certified bicycle instructors create a fun low-stress environment to help you learn the basics of balancing and pedaling before moving on to more advanced skills.  If you already know how to balance and pedal we can adapt the curriculum to your individual or group skill level.  Beginner do not need any previous riding experience, only a willingness to learn and the physical ability to control a two wheeled bicycle.

Bicycle and helmet required

Class limit: 5



Ready to Ride is a 3-hour intermediate level class for people who are interested in riding a bike for daily trips but are concerned about safety and unsure about how to get started.  Participants must be confident balancing, pedaling and steering a two-wheeled bicycle, from this foundation we will teach you the basic skills for riding a bike to reach any destination.  You will learn what you need to know to enjoy riding on city streets.  More advanced cyclist who ride regularly for commuting and transportation should take our Confident City Cycling course.  This course includes a student manual, review of state and local laws.

Participant must bring their own bike and helmet

Class limit: 10



Many people are intimidated and discourage by the way motorist dominate the roadway.  Through education and practice, Confident City Cycling teaches the basic fundamentals of safe riding to improve your decision making in traffic and to build your confidence when riding a bicycle on city streets.

  • Understand your rights and duties as a driver operating a bicycle safely and legally on public roadways.

  • Develop the ability to identify unsafe traffic situations and make decisions that can prevent common crashes and collisions.

  • Learn how to perform a pre-ride bike safety check.

The course includes a student manual, review of state and local laws, on-bike skill development and additional tools to help you become a more confident and smarter cyclist on the roadway.

Participant must bring their own bike and helmet

Class limit: 14



Sign up for basic roadside repair classes.

Beginners and DIY enthusiasts alike will learn a range of skills

Topics covered:

  • Fixing a flat

  • Brake Knowledge

  • Lube Check

  • Chain Adjustment/Shifting

You’ll learn how to identify, diagnose and fix these common problems using tools you can bring with you on a ride.

Class limit: 10


If you want to get in touch or have any questions, please use the provided form. Thank you and lets have fun on two wheels. #bikebikeandawayyyyyyy


Ohio & Pittsburgh, PA

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